Treating The Autism Spectrum with Equine Assisted Counseling

EPIC Enterprises – Equine Partners in Counseling
The field of Mental Health just entered a whole new arena!

The mission of the EPIC Enterprises is to promote knowledge, research, and practice of equine assisted counseling in the mental health field.

To that end I create this presentation for an EPIC Training that I conducted in 2008 and I wanted to share it with you.

I also invite you to join the EPIC social networking community and join in the conservation

EPIC Facebook: EPIC International Colleagues

EPIC Linked In: Equine Partners in Counseling – EPIC

Coming Soon

My latest EPIC project is a book compiling articles submitted by counselors from literally around the world, sharing their detailed accounts of how they used equine assisted counseling to achieve positive behavior modification with clients in the treatment of myriad issues such as autism spectrum disorders, sexual abuse, anxiety, domestic violence, depression, self-esteem, addictions and conflict resolution.  The intent is to create a groundbreaking resource counselors can consult to offer EAC to their clients, even if they have no prior equine experience.

This fantastic book is being published by Routhledge/Taylor Frances and will be available soon.

If you would like Dr. Kay Trotter to come talk to your group or find out more about her counseling practice, you can contact her at: Kay@KayTrotter.com214-499-0396, or visit her web site http://www.KayTrotter.com.

Dr Trotter also post regularly in her FaceBook fan page http://www.facebook.com/DrKaySudekumTrotter.

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2 comments on “Treating The Autism Spectrum with Equine Assisted Counseling

  1. I too am very excited about the book being out soon. Between Pat Parelli writing a chapter looking at Equine Assisted Counseling (EAC) from the horses’ perspective, along with all of the other wonderful contributions of effective clinical applications of EAC, this book truly will make a powerful addition to the animal assisted counseling field.


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